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Robbins School Foundation

About Us
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     The Robbins School Foundation is a non-profit organization that was formed in 2006 for the purpose of supporting, enriching, and fostering the education of Robbins School Students. All proceeds raised by the Foundation through fundraisers and donations are directly used to enhance the educational experience of our students. The RSF has contributed over $275,000 toward the school. Thanks to the overwhelming generosity of our many supporters. As members of the Robbins School Community you are all an integral part of the Foundation. Your ideas are welcomed, and your active participation is essential to our success in meeting our goals.  

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Chief Executive Officer, Kimberly Richter

Chief Executive Financial Officer, Kristi Calonder

Secretary, Susan Richter

Member, Tracey Schreiner

Member, Nancy Hunt

Member, Stacey Bailey
Member, Janet Alonso

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